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Engaging Parents & Developing Leaders

ParenTeen Moments is bridging the gaps between families, organizations and the community. We promote family engagement and offer opportunities and resources to encourage stronger positive connections.

 It’s our aim to support parents, teens, and those who influence our youth, providing the tools they need

to lead by example.

Our Vision

A world where families experience meaningful connection and supporting communities, sharing peace, love, and joy.

Our Mission

Educating, engaging and transforming over 1 million families. We are global one-stop resource connecting families, organizations and communities through fun activities, strategic motivation, and dynamic coaching.

Our Goal

What Makes Us Stand Out?

We care about people and understand solutions come from working together.

ParenTeen Moments supports parents in raising conscious and successful adults by fostering family engagement and bridging the gaps between families, schools, organizations, and communities.

Core Values



Our Story

Some people say teachers are like a child’s second mom. After all, some kids spend more time at school than at home.

ParenTeen Moments’ founder, Mery Dominguez, understands parents and teens, mostly due to her 25 years of experience as a teacher. Initially, she aspired to become a school principal and earned a Specialist degree in Educational Leadership; soon after she realized her calling was something different.

During her teaching career, she was known for her dynamic and entertaining lessons. She loved teaching. Meanwhile, she also devoted much of her own time caring for her students. Why?

She realized the challenges that many of them faced and understood that the best way to encourage them to excel at school was by acknowledging them, not just as students, but also as individuals.

Mery is a wife and a mother of two daughters (one teen and one adult) and a stepson (now an adult, as well). Her motherly instincts were evident to her students. She often asked them questions that showed she genuinely cared.

Throughout the years, many of her students would seek her out, either during lunch or after school, to share their own stories. In listening to them, she was often reminded of her own teenage years. Her life went from growing up trying to please very strict parents to running away from home by her senior year in high school; all because she was too afraid to face the repercussions of telling her parents she was pregnant. This was the time she needed her parents the most, yet she felt judged and too ashamed. Those were emotions that took her many years of self-help to recover from. She wished for her students nor her daughters to ever experience those feelings.

Nonetheless, hearing some of the students open up, revealed how sometimes the ones we least expect are the ones dealing with major issues and with no tools to cope. Many of them were suffering from major anxiety, depression, social withdraw, behavior issues, experimenting with drugs and even attempted suicide.

Severe cases required referrals to the proper channels for support. It saddened her to see how often parents were oblivious of what their kids were experiencing.  In many of these cases, parents were the last to know the disturbing news about their own child. Their reaction clearly demonstrated the unintentional lost of communication at home.

As a parent herself, she sympathized with the moms and dads and she phoned home to speak to them with compassion and without judgment. They shared how helpless and scared they felt. Underneath the feeling of dismay there was true sadness and guilt. It’s true that busy lives can cloud even the most obvious signs and that can present its consequences.

Mery began to wonder, who supports the parents going through the angst of parenting? How can parents repair the damage or make up for the lost time? Her quest for answers led to intense research and the creation of possible solutions. She wanted to do more but within the system, she had to avoid overstepping boundaries.

Mery began to offer talks at schools educating parents on how they can improve connection with their teens. She provided them necessary tools, which she and her husband too, found to be effective with their own teenagers. She suggested resources and connected parents to the support they needed, beyond what the school could do for them. This side hustle became a passion, and her solutions became tools. Today all this has evolved into a growing company, ParenTeen Moments.

We are a committed to bridging the gaps that affect families and connecting families to a community of resources and services.

We at ParenTeen Moments understand that connection can easily fall by the wayside and if nothing is done to rekindle the bond it can leave marks that last a lifetime. The foundation of our life-long relationships starts at home.

Our goal is to support parents, teens, and those who impact our youth by creating fun events, offering workshops and coaching to provide resources and tools that will help develop strong and healthy families and ensure a more peaceful loving world in the future.

Whether you are a parent, a school professional seeking to promote parent engagement or a teenager looking to be heard, we are here to help you. We are a company with strong values a loving heart.

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