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Grow Your Business

Sponsorship is a convenient way to promote your business and provides great means of expanding, meeting your competitive edge and improving your company’s image, prestige and credibility. The best advertisement is word of mouth and we’ve learned that teens love to share personally and through all kinds of social media outlets. Let them talk about YOU.

Business ParenTeen Moments

We want to put you in the limelight!

Want to show your employees and investors your dedication to our community? Consider sponsoring a ParenTeen Moments presentation or one of our community events. We offer customization, connection, integration and a real return on your investment through our unique platform of a captive audience.

Feel good about supporting a local school, organization or charity event. There are several benefits in sponsoring our ParenTeen Moments activities. You get to be involved in a movement that is transforming families all over the world. The number of parents, as well as young men and young women who are currently involved, has increased by thousands in the past year, as we establish significant partnerships across the country.

How We Help You Grow

Don’t just put your name on another brochure, let our speakers edify your business. ParenTeen Moments will help spread the word about your business, because we know word of mouth is still the best form of advertisement.

In recent years, corporate sponsorship has become the fastest-growing type of marketing in the United States. Sponsorships help companies, small-business owners and service providers mean of enhancing their public profile and overall brand awareness at a relatively low cost.  We value our sponsors and leverage opportunities for you to increase exposure. Your company’s image, messaging and products will be promoted to teens, parents and the community throughout our strategic marketing efforts.

ParenTeen Moments caters to today’s fastest-growing target market. There are over 4,000 middle-schools and high-schools in the state of Florida alone. Do the math! We also interact with many organizations, government agencies, and sites throughout our local communities. A recent study by Vodafone study revealed that as a sponsor, your company can enjoy a wide range of benefits:

  • Build brand positioning through associative imagery
  • Create an internal commitment to the brand
  • Create positive PR and raise awareness and distinction of your business
  • Promote corporate hospitality that endorses good relations with clients
  • Raise brand awareness of your company, product or services
  • Support sales promotion campaigns

Position your organization with an attractive demographic! 
There are several ways to support our transformation efforts.

Market Your Business

  • Sponsor a PTM event
  • Donate money or space to host an event or to become an official partner
  • Offer our guests a discount on merchandise or services
  • Donate products/services for our parents to be raffled at our workshops or events

Giving Back

Sponsorship is not an act of charity, although many of Parenteen Moments events are aligned to provide donations directly to The Academy of CLASS, a 501(c)3 which supports youth leadership, life-skills and college readiness to underprivileged young adults, pregnant teenagers, and teen mothers. So if your heart is in giving and receiving the tax benefits this provides, we can offer you the opportunity to donate to our charitable organization.

For more sponsorship benefits information:

Why Sponsor? Sponsorship Benefits & Event Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsor a Community Event

  • Donate money to become an event sponsor.
  • Donate products or services as an incentive.
  • Provide volunteer support at our events.
  • Maybe tax-deductible.

We welcome your suggestions and thoughts on sponsorship and would love to discuss any creative ideas you have!

We Thank Some of Our Most Recent Sponsors:

  • Curves
  • RoRock Fitness
  • Sushi Sake in Doral
  • Oasis Dream Spa in Doral & Cutler Bay
  • Bella Design Fashions

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