We all have those moments where we wish we could jump out into thin air and pretend all is calm and subtle around us. Our brain goes into fight, fear or flight mode and our heart beats anxiously. The good news is that most of the time, you will see answer is right at your fingertips.

This time the palm won't be to spank anyone, instead it will be used for the Calm Palm Technique. It will stimulate your senses through breathing and gentle touch. This will signal your brain, sending it a message that everything will be okay. Just a few seconds can brighten the moment of pressure and high level of stress.

The good news is that THE CALM PALM can help. 

Breathing has a deep association with stress relief. The Calm Palm Technique is a simple exercise that offers a quick and tangible way to ensure you are breathing effectively, efficiently and it will help you ease your stress.


1. Raise your right our left hand in front of you.

2. Look at your hand as you do the following:

3. Using your index finger (pointer) trace your opposite hand in the air. Starting at the thumb, breathe in deep through your nose, as you trace up and breathe out through your nose (not your mouth) as you trace down. Do this by gently touching each finger for about 4-5 seconds per side. Repeat as necessary.

Notice the effect of breathing through the nose can make. This can take some practice, as many people exhale through their mouth. Contrary to popular belief, Ukrainian doctor, Konstantin Buteyko in his book Close Your Mouth explains why nasal breathing is important and beneficial.

Additionally, this conscious breathing technique encourages you to use the different senses, helping you soothe the brain and promote calmness to your brain activity and your entire body.

Try doing the Calm Palm Technique a few times a day and watch what happens. A simple FREE exercise that can literally save your life.

Here is Another Quick Exercise:

Look at the colors on each finger above. Based on Eastern beliefs, each finger is associated with an emotion.

In alternative methods, such as reflexology, we find that certain pressure points in the hands and feet can provide many health benefits. Signals that start at the very tips of the nerve cells, travel to and up the spinal cord, and into a part of the brain called the thalamus.

The thalamus sends the signals out to several parts of the brain, including those that control touch, physical reaction, memory and emotions, known as the limbic system.

This simple exercise will help calm certain emotions.

  • Press on the sides of the tip of the finger corresponding to how you are feeling. I often suggest to say positive statements while trying this simple technique.

The results may surprise you!

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Calm Palm PTM

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