Strengthen Your Bonds
with fun + purposeful activities

Are you constantly busy? Wish you could go on day-cation or vacation? How would you like to spend more quality time with your teen?

ParenTeen Moments want to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

It is possible for life to be simple, fun and filled with happy moments!
No more guilt. No more stressing to plan what to do. We want your teen to admire you powerful, respect-worthy and most of all the loving individuals.

ParenTeen Moments events are pre-planned with activities and life lessons to facilitate the time you spend together. We inspire teens to put down their phones, get out of their room and create amazing moments with their parents. This way they are most likely to avoid drugs, alcohol and prevent depression. Teens learn to become self-empowered. We even teach them entrepreneurship skills and can teach them to make MONEY safely and easily.

Our talks can be tailored to meet the needs of your parent-group or focus demographics. These are a few of our most popular topics.

ParenTeen Events

ParenTeen Moments creates frequent events. We are detail-oriented and make outings easy! If you enjoy making friends and are open to getting support from parents with teens, just like you, who also hare similar interests, then join us! Every event is a different experience with caring parents sharing memorable moments together.

Join our FREE Meet-Up and join us every 2nd Friday of the month somewhere in South Florida (Miami/Homestead area).

  • Group rates/discounts (for some of our events)
  • Set itinerary for a group activities 
  • Great opportunity to make new friends with similar interest
  • Future group travel/retreats in the works


Just My Teen and I

Perhaps you two make the perfect team or you simply need time alone…

All you need is a little planning, yet I understand that time is of essence.  

Here is a great site for places to visit in the Miami area.

  • Planned itinerary for specific interest
  • The suggested list of downtime activities
  • Special program for the two- that will encourage your teen to make the right decisions, even when you are not looking.
  • Maybe we’ll catch a mid-night movie, maybe we’ll laze around with breakfast in bed…we like the choice!


Some Friends + Us

Have a group of friends and teens, in mind already? Are you ready to create your own moments away from the masses? Let us help you make the time you share together, the ultimate experience. This option is also perfect for organizations and church groups. You receive a guide of practical activities and tools to do or a ParenTeen Partner coach to guide you through your journey. Book a call and let's talk about how we can create something together. 

ParenTeen Moments offers:

  • Group rates/discounts
  • Set itinerary for group
  • Traveling with friends, neighbors, family can make the experience fun
  • Optional: ParenTeen Partner Companion to lead activities for teens, while moms enjoy grown-up hang out time. We hand you the “Hall Pass”!

Want to plan some topics to discuss ahead of time? Book a discovery call. Let's chat and find out how we can support you in creating a memorable experience.