ParenTeen Moments want to make your life easier and more enjoyable.


It is possible for life to be simple, fun and filled with happy moments! We know exactly how to facilitate this for you. Parents are the most influential person in a child's life. Our goal is to keep parents involved & educated.

ParenTeen Moments Events are packed with pre-planned activities and effective lessons that provide value to everyone. We are focused on supporting those who influence our teens in becomming advocates, self-empowered and confident. Through modeling these skills our teens can learn and thrive. 

After the global pandemic, cases of depression, anxiety, drug abuse and suicide are on the rise. This is why we need more positive role models and knowledge about reliable and trusted resources.

Our Community Resource Network facilitates the process and eliminates the guess work. Our events center on bringing the experts together for you. Creating a distinct occasion for which you too will be cherished.  

ParenTeen Moments helps you enhance the event you want to create. Whether you are looking for more resources, sponsors, speakers or interactive activities, we kick-it up a notch to make you shine. 

Schools and Organizations ParenTeen Moments

Christine, CIS

ParenTeen Moments came through in a big way. I didn't know where to start and we barely had a budget to make this event happen. Working with Mery made the process seamless and the event was spectacular. 

ParenTeen Partners

Joanna, Parent

I was going through a very tough time. I was embarrassed to ask for help. Just by attending the resource fair, I learned who I can call. I got the support I needed. Now I can say we are in a good place again. I am forever grateful.  


Since COVID, our demand for online events have gone through the roof. That's because we thrive in bringing life to your live virtual gathering. Your audience has an opportunity to see each other face to face (literally) and interact in many ways. We help create a theme approach or develop methods to get your team to participate. 

We offer community resource fairs where we highlight local businesses and organizations so that everyone benefits. Contact us and find out how ParenTeen Moments can facilitate a Community Resource Fair for you. 

PTM Events

ParenTeen Moments creates frequent events. We are detail-oriented. We coordinate corporate events (team-building and professional development) for family-friendly companies and organizations. We also take pride in connecting local businesses PTM Partners/Sponsors to families in our community. What better way to learn about you, than by getting to know you and your services.

We make events fun, simple and classy in collaboration with our events team.

If you enjoy making friends and are open to getting support from parents with teens, just like you, who also have similar interests, then join us!

Check out our upcoming events. Some of our events offer community service hours opportunities for your youth.

Every event is a different experience with caring parents sharing memorable moments together.

Many of our events are FREE to  parents & their teens. Paid events may offer group rates, discounts & scholarships, thanks to our local sponsors.


Just My Teen & I

Perhaps you two make the perfect team or you simply need time alone…

All you need is a little planning, yet I understand that time is of essence. We offer resources and ideas under one place. All to save you time. Our choices are vetted for your enjoyment and safety.  

Here is a great site for places to visit in the Miami area.

  • Planned itinerary for specific interest
  • The suggested list of downtime activities
  • Special program for the two- that will encourage your teen to make the right decisions, even when you are not looking.
  • Maybe you care to catch a mid-night movie or laze around ...go for it!




Some Friends + Us

Have a group of friends and teens, in mind already? Are you ready to create your own moments away from the masses? Let us help you make the time away, the ultimate get-away. This option is also perfect for organizations and church groups.  Book a call and let's talk about how we can align you with the right resources to help you create a memorable experience for your family, organization or church group. 

ParenTeen Moments offers: 

  • Group rates/discounts
  • Set itinerary for group
  • Traveling with friends, neighbors, family can make the experience fun
  • ParenTeen Partner to lead the group activities for you and your group of teens. You can choose to separate the groups for a heightened experience or simply for time to disconnect. Yes! Enjoy adulting. We hand you the “Hall Pass”!

This is a customized package. 

Book a call and discover the possibilities. Let's chat and find out how we can support you in creating a memorable experience for your group.