Ever told (or thought about telling) your parent something like:

“You Don’t Understand Me!”
“It’s Not Like When You Were a Kid!”
“You Have No Idea What You’re Talking About!”
‘You Just Gotta Let Me Be Me!”

Trust me! It's not you alone.


Many teens today become easily stressed about school matters, exams, preparing for college and the list goes on.

Research reveal that 49% of teens experience anxiety. Although many of the stress-causing factors may not be avoided, there are many ways to manage the feelings appropriately.

You may think parents do not understand, yet although different, there were many reasons to stress about when your parents were growing up too.

Perhaps there were less tests and no social media, yet expectations were often set high and parents expected their kids to figure things out on their own. Teens still worried about their body image and about many of the nuances that make teens worry today.

Being a teen is not always easy, in any era. Imagine, in some cultures kids were married off in their teen years, and the parents chose who would marry who. No fun, right?  Since we understand that the struggle is real, ParenTeen Moments wants to help. 


I came across this post and was compelled to share it with you:

Being a teenager in today’s world is a very difficult task. At each and every step of our life, there is a predator in the form of drugs and dangerous attractions and whatnot, waiting to grasp us! Maintaining the status of a good teenager is extremely difficult, because every time we make a mistake, we are labeled as a bad boy/girl. There is a lot of pressure from every side and you are expected to be an Adarsh daughter, student, etc, and the list is endless. I think our teenage life is so different from our parents’, we have to cope with different aspects of today’s life be it social, private or networking. Most of the time we feel caught in a maze, from where escape seems near impossible. Whatever be the case, being a teenager in today’s fast, confusing and glittering world is a Herculean task and yes we are facing it with courage. So, enjoy your teenage life to the fullest because, like every other moment, it will never return.  Anam Nazia

Can you relate?

The process of growing up is much easier with the support of your parents and other positive adults that really want the best for you! Even if they get on your nerves.

Trust me, I understand. I had a rough teenage year. By 17 I was married, with a child and working and going to school.
It wasn’t easy for me but I was determined to turn things around and make my parents proud. I realized I needed to make myself proud, too. It’s taken time and commitment for me pleased with myself, so I want to help you navigate those waters a little better given what I know now.

If you don’t know by now, I have a teen daughter and the child I just mentioned is now in her twenties! I’ve learned a lot raising my girls and being around my students. I want to give you resources to help you make life a little smoother. Check-in with us periodically for updates!