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Some people say teachers are like a child's second mom. After all, some kids spend more time at school than at home.

ParenTeen Moments' founder, Mery Dominguez, understands parents and teens, mostly due to her 25 years of experience as a teacher. Initially, she aspired to become a school principal and earned a Specialist degree in Educational Leadership; soon after she realized her calling was something different...

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Become the parent you've always wanted to be!

You probably wonder how you've managed the parenting role this far, but you did it! Suddenly the teen years may not seem so easy.  ParenTeen Moments is here to support you on your journey. Our ParenTeen Moments LIVE TALKS provide the skills that conscientious parents need to raise thriving adults. 

  • Do you feel overwhelmed or underappreciated?
  • Ever find yourself wishing things were easier at home or work?


Connecting Parents with your Organizations

Student:“Mom, there’s a school meeting tonight!”
Parent: Not another boring Zoom meeting!

Parental involvement at the middle and high school level is at an all-time lowest. If we’re lucky, parents will find out about the meeting but will they even show up? Let’s face it, parents ARE busy... and we can help.



Hire a Speaker

You’ve probably heard the saying “It takes a village to raise today’s teens”...

Sponsor a Talk

Sponsorship is a convenient way to promote your business and provides great means of expanding...


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