My Teen’s Valentine’s Sucks! How can I help?

By Mery Dominguez | Feb 11, 2021

Valentine’s Day can trigger many emotions for anyone in or out of a relationship. For teenagers, it can be especially challenging if their heart has been broken or if they…

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Just Take the First Step

By Mery Dominguez | Jan 18, 2021

Have your heard people say the first step is always the harderst? Well it definitely can be the scariest. Just remember your first  your first kiss, your first job or…

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Report Cards Jitters

How to Handle Report Card Jitters

By Mery Dominguez | Nov 5, 2019

Report cards. Whether you wait for your teen to bring the printed copy home or view it online on the parent viewer, it can be a surprise to all parties…

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Is Your Teen Ready to Graduate?

By Mery Dominguez | Jun 12, 2019

Senior year already. I can’t hardly believe it. There is to think about before the cap and gown. Recently I attended the Senior Parent Meeting at my daughter’s high school.…

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How Releasing My Blocks Helped My Teen Daughter Thrive

By Mery Dominguez | Jun 5, 2019

Do you ever find yourself warning your kids about the mistakes that you made, hoping they don’t make the same ones? Are you reading the latest parenting books and doing…

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