Your teen is suddenly not so little.
How do you balance it all?

You probably should be wearing a cape! Go ahead take a moment for yourself. Breathe in and out slowly and wait! Don't feel guilty about it. I get it. People see you and you have all figured it out, yet deep down you wish you could just close your eyes and make all the resposibility of being everone's superhero go away.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed or underappreciated?
  • Ever find yourself wishing things were easier at home or work?

Did you answer YES to any of these?

Guess what? You've come to the right place. Let me start by saying you are not alone.  Statistics show thousands of parents often experience high levels of overwhelm, stress and even excruciating guilt. Much of this is a result of work-family conflict and other factors that come into play once our children have reached adolescent years.

Let's face it, society doesn't make it easy on parents. ParenTeen Moments is here to support your parenting journey. We understand your doubts and we've done the research to show you the way around.

Are you one of the parents who just wished you had all the answers? Perhaps you are taunted wondering if you are being a “good enough” parent?

Stop the guilt trip.  It’s important to allow some space outside of the caregiver role.  Give yourself credit for everything you do and give yourself some time for you too.

It’s time to BREATHE. 

Book a complimentary 20-minute discovery call with Mery and claim a practical strategy that will teach you how experiencing calm is in the palm of your hand. Click here to book your call TODAY.

What can a discovery call with Mery do for you?

The 20-minute complimentary call is tailored to you needs. You may be in a situation right now where you are feeling down, upset, overwhelmed or simply wanting to find a solution. Speaking to someone outside of your situation can bring clarity and provide a new perspective and provides you a safe space to express your emotions and leave with a quick exercise that can serve to bring you new capabilities. 

Try this quick exercise:

My name is ___ I am _____ and my kid(s) are fortunate to have me as a parent because I am _____.  Sometimes a simple exercise like this can support you in shifting your ideas and clearing your thoughts. However, some people really benefit from coaching.

Coaching offers you many benefits. 

  1. A personal confident to guide you on your journey
  2. Awareness of self and new perspectives
  3. A coach sees your potential
  4. Helps expand your vision
  5. Holds you accountable to your goals

ParenTeen Moments is committed to steering you away from common parenting mistakes and providing practical tools to fuel your life and relationships. We are all doing the best we can. We honor you as a parent and offer you events where you can connect with other parents, just like you. We provide a no-judge zone where you can just be you and learn from each other. 

We are here to support and encourage the work YOU do as a parent. Many parents with teens find themselves part of the sandwich generation. You may be one too, in the middle of taking care of their kids and caring for aging parents too. We understand that it is not always a SIMPLE task. This is why we offer techniques to support you in managing your busy schedule, so that you are not overworked and feeling alone. 

Our workshops and programs provide relevant topics and tools that allow you be equipped and feel empowered. You’re a parent 24-7 and you get to teach your kids how important it is to value themselves by being an excellent role model without constant yelling or drama that often comes with raising teens.

Let ParenTeen Moments inspire you and offer you simple solutions.

Feel happy, supported and encouraged. Increase your confidence as a parent.  Develop new skills and a better understanding of TODAY’S youth. Because it may be true, what your kids say: "you just don't understand." The challenges are different from when you were growing up. This is why all about increasing connection!

5 Minute Challenge