Community Service

Are you a student? We offer on-going opportunities to earn community service. 

Are you a school or service provider? Let us help you promote your request for volunteers. 

Where to Volunteer

Local organizations and agencies listed below typically welcome volunteers. This may help students generate ideas for community service projects.

For additional opportunities, visit


(786) 243-8162


(305) 257-4157


(786) 388-3000


(305) 418-7159


(877) 329-0103


(305) 667-7337




(305) 230-1144


(305) 247-5727


(305) 373-5437


(305) 926-3815




(305) 981-6234



CRIB Donation Wishlist

Donation Request for Citrus CRIB

CRIB serves as a temporary refuge for children and youth who have been taken away from their parents by DCF Protective Investigators due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment. It's important to note that these children often arrive without essential items such as supplies, toiletries, clothing, or comforting objects.

We ask that all items be new, and any and all donations are appreciated!

If you would like to donate items, please use the attached flyer as a guide. Drop off locations:

  • Citrus Health Network Main Center at Brenda’s Office on the 2nd Floor
  • Citrus Family Care Network office at the 401 building on the 10th Floor with Loammi

Volunteering for Informed Families!

One of our partners is Informed Families.

They offer a chance to become a Youth Ambassador!

Informed Families Logo

Visit their website for more information on how to become an Ambassador or how to sign up to earn community service hours.

A Letter from Informed Families

Informed Families is here to support parents in navigating their children safely through their teenage and young adult years.

Did you know that the US broke a record with over 81,000 reported deaths from overdose during the pandemic? And that Fentanyl is the number one reason for those deaths?

When used correctly prescription drugs can be safe, however, the misuse of opioids is still a serious global problem. By educating our youth, you and other parents can help solve this issue. As parents it is our job to alert our children to things that can cause them harm.

For this, Infomed Families offers year-round campaings and topics to provided comprehensive educational training, absolutely at no-cost to you. All you need to do is register.

We encourage you to visit: to find out about their four campaigns.

Join us, because the life you save can be the one of your own child. Take the pledge today!


Peggy Sap
Informed Families, CEO