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Mery N. Dominguez  is available as a keynote speaker, conference facilitator, trainer, emcee, and a group coach. If you are seeking a presentation that keeps your audience awake and engaged Mery is the right one for you.

Businesses are the biggest sponsors of our PTM Talks. These dynamic and relevent talks are popular throughout many of our schools, organizations, churches and community events.  PTM Talks serve as excellent choice for conference breakout sessions and interactive workshops that allow for our local businesses to be highlighed and promoted. Click here to learn more.

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Helping You Promote A Positive Work-Life Balance at the Workplace. 


Who are Your Most Productive Employees?

Hopefully, you agree your happiest employees provide the best results. These are usually the ones who are most engaged, your team-players! One of the greatest predictors of a company's productivity is the level of happiness of its employees, which is often a direct result of a healthy work-life balance. 

Top companies are embracing the idea of promoting a positive work-life balance. Studies have shown that creating a healthy work environment decreases the likeliness of stress, burnout, anxiety, sickness, and heart-conditions.

Increase Your Company's Productivity

An article published on the February 2016 edition of Inc. Magazine showed that the Corporate Executives Board, which represents 80% of the Fortune 500 companies, found, after researching 50,000 global workers, that employees who believe that they have good work-life balance work 21% harder than those who don't. Productivity suffers when an employee needs to take time off due to physical or mental illness. Unscheduled time off results on an average $2,650 yearly for each salaried employee, according to a Forbes' company report. The index for stress-related illness is on the rise, which also increases insurance premiums for everyone. This is why encouraging emotional-wellbeing and healthy connection is a valuable investment for your business. 

Improve Your Company's Culture

Employees need to be motivated to stay on task and effective. Let's face it, if things are not good at home, your company brand will also be affected.  This is why the experts in handling challenges at home while dynamically motivating the crowds are your solution. Teaching employees how to create a positive life-work balance is essential and more cost-effective for the entire workforce.

Happy employees are more likely to have happy homes and vice-versa. This increases the chances of happiness for our future generations, as well. These too may become your future employees. 

The truth is that when you invest in your employees it’s a winning transaction for you. They are more eager to produce the results you want.

Our Professional Training & Motivation (PTM) Talks are customized and designed for immediate results. PTM Talks are delivered by the renown speaker, Mery N. Dominguez providing a unique approach to action-oriented solutions to everyday challenges. With 24 years as an experienced educator, leader, and trainer you can rest assured your employees will rave about the training or corporate presentation. 

Corporate Top Topic-Choices

  • Life-Work Balance 
  • Team Building Promotes Engagement
  • 3 Keys to Success
  • A Dose of Motivation
  • Branding Starts with Self Care 
  • Enhancing Personal Productivity


Mery N. Dominguez, Ed.S.  The CEO (Chief Engagement Expert). 

Mery is a professional educator. She is often seen supporting schools promoting Parental Engagement and teaching parents & teachers how to approach a positive Life Work Balance & Self-Care, providing tools and resources for better parenting and a thriving life. 

Her Speaking is also sought out at corporate events and training.  Companies who have high value for their employees, recognize that employee life work balance has a direct result in productivity and happiness.

Mery inspires motivation and knows how to deliver messages that teach and shapes perceptions that catapults positive changes in the workplace and at home.  Her dynamic delivery infuses the vibrancy of her Colombian roots, her humor and her real-life situations that flair to all types of stages. She inspires and provides actionable tips, creative tools and practical ideas to support those who listen to find purpose and attain their goals with confidence.

Mery N. Dominguez pairs her experience as a high-school teacher with her leadership and parenting skills to engage and connect with her audience.

Speaking is about inspiring motivation and providing education. When we are able to motivate others to take action and provide tools that can be used for immediate execution, the multiple possibilities are endless. 

Research shows that Parent Engagement is key when it comes to increasing and maintenance of  high achievement scores, good discipline, and positive attendance rates.  Mery understands the challenges schools face. She offers an array of topics as parent workshops, professional development, and family events.

Topics for schools include:

  • MEET You: Self Care is an Investment
  • Setting Loving Boundaries
  • RED: The 3 Keys to Success
  • Financial Literacy Basics
  • Altering Defiance at Home & at Work
  • Storytelling as a Communication Tool
  • Positive Self Talk
  • Coping with Difficult Situations
  • Health and Wellness Made Fun
  • Preparing for the Future
  • Addressing the Uneasy Subjects
    • Other topics are available upon request

Many schools and non-profit organizations hire ParenTeen Moments to fulfill parent involvement requirements including Title I & Title II and/or 21st Century grants.

ParenTeen Moments also leverages from our corporate partners who’d love to support your mission. Their sponsorship may help offset any our fees. To find out more or to be part of our PTM Live Talks Tour, click here


You can also call Mery Dominguez at 786-708-7508 to schedule a quick meeting and discuss your options.