Mery N. Dominguez, ED.S.

Emotional Wellness Educator & Family Advocate

Mery N. Dominguez. From Teen Mom to CEO. 

Proud mother of three former teenagers and a happy wife of 26 years, Mery is on a mission to connect with parents across the world and improve emotional wellbeing.

She holds a Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership and is a Certified Life Coach and Certified Emotional Wellness Practitioner.

Ms. Dominguez, as her students would call her, decided to become a school teacher in her senior year of high school, after realizing she was pregnant.  In spite of the shame she felt as everyone seemed to think she would not amount to anything good in life, she was determined to prove them wrong.

She chose to pursue what she assumed to be the "easiest" career to raise a family (considering all the time off teachers "get" in the year). Little did she know then, that teaching is no easy job! However, it proved to be extremely rewarding.

She remained a teacher for 25 years for Miami-Dade County Public Schools.  On target to climbing administrative career ladder, she took the "LEAP OF FAITH" toward the entrepreneural path, instead.

From encouraging A's in school, she now focuses on the best F's in life!  Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance & Fun.

These are areas that she believes we all must work on during our lifetime.

As the CEO of ParenTeen Moments, Mery provides tools and resources to promote emotional resilience. Her inspirational programs and workshops offer ways to strengthen connections at home, with yourself and with others.

Mery is a best-selling author; her latest release, Influential Parenting is the SMART (Self-Managing & Raising Teens) Manual, serving as a blueprint to simplify the journey of raising and caring for adolescents as well as the key to becoming rich in these "F" areas!

Mery N. Dominguez loves to serve her community and has a passion for giving youth hope and practical tools. She is the founder of The Academy of CLASS (Committed. Leaders. Achieving. Success & Significance), a non-profit organization that teaches marginalized youth the skills to achieve success, increase self-confidence and develop a sense of significant service.