Is Your Teen Ready to Graduate?

Senior year already. I can’t hardly believe it. There is to think about before the cap and gown. Recently I attended the Senior Parent Meeting at my daughter’s high school. Several presenters revealed the long list of requirements prior to graduation. I couldn’t help but panic as they went down the daunting list related to graduation, diploma types, college applications, essays, FAFSA, SAT and ACT scores and the list goes on. Fortunately, it seems like my daughter is right on track (thank goodness). Nevertheless, I heard a few long sighs around me. I wondered how many parents and students went home that night baffled and worried that much needed to be done before the due dates that are closely approaching. I think this meeting would be much more effective, if conducted on their Junior year, when deadlines would be a year away and not weeks.

As a former teacher, I remained abreast with many of these requirements but the truth of the matter is that most parents don’t. We tend to trust that our kids, “soon to be adults”, will do what needs to be done, bring home the necessary information and request the right classes that would make them eligible for the scholarships or even high school graduation.

In the next What’s Working Wednesday Facebook Live on ParenTeen Moments Page, I will share a few requirements that your teen will need to graduate and be eligible for college and moreover, Florida scholarships. If graduation has creeped up on you, I sympathize with you and hundreds of other parents, many of them who sat at the Senior Parent meeting I attended. My advise, print out your teenager’s grades or request a transcript and check those community service hours too. Request a meeting with your son/daughter’s counselor if you are unsure. Remember the deadlines are closely approaching, you don’t want to be caught like the deer staring at the headlights.

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Mery Dominguez, Ed.S,

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